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Tom A. Wiggins

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Author & Poet


Photo by Colleen Bay

I am nothing more than a storyteller who placed his words on paper, so that they might travel further than my voice, and last for longer than I am able.

I love to create. Since I was a boy I have wanted to build worlds beyond that which was offered to me. I was not gifted with an artist's eye, or a sculptor's touch. As such I am forced to build worlds from words. Now I invite you to come enjoy my words, and to make my world your own.

Like most self proclaimed artists, although I am a writer at heart, I pay the bills through other means. I hold degrees in business, political science, education, and I formally terminated with a PhD in Policy and Leadership. I use this education to teach senior military officers and government executives about leadership and strategy at Army University at Ft. Leavenworth, Ks. Somewhere in this process I have found my passion in writing fiction. I have long held the notion that finding balance, and being well rounded is the secret to a happy life. Time will tell if this is true.

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