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He swore the last time was the last time

He'd be walkin' down that flight line

But bein' married to a Ranger

Is like bein' married to a stranger

And all she knows is what he told her

While she was cryin' on his shoulder

I'll miss you, I love you, and I'll be home soon

Expect a letter every afternoon

Then he got on another airplane

Going somewhere else insane

Off to ease other peoples pain

With nothing more for him to gain

And while he's gone his world stops spinning

But back home new life's beginning 

Its hard to write him every day

With the baby on the way

'Cause there's so much to do

And baby I miss you

And I can't wait until I see the day

When there'll be no more airplanes

'Cause they're drivin' me insane

Baby come home and ease my pain

We have the world to gain

Every day she meets the mailman

And he puts his letter in her hand

But today another uniformed man

Say's I'm truly sorry ma'am

Then she starts to go insane

Screamin' goddamn them airplanes

All they do is cause so much pain

But who the hell could she really blame

Because she's proud of all he did

And she's proud of how he lived

And she can't wait until she see's the day

Their son get's on his first airplane

Headed someplace else insane

Off to ease of peoples pain

You know we have the world to gain.

Another Love Story

Another love story

He loves her; she loves him

And nothing in this world could ever 

Come between them

Now she needs her space

Because she's not so sure

And he tells her he'll wait

But he really needs more

He runs out in the street

And he calls out her name

And he waited for an answer

But nobody came

Now the thunder rolls on

Another sad country song

And she says nothing's wrong

But she's gone

How could she do this

How the hell could she have lied

And she's killing him

But she's already died

She feels his pain

As he sheds her tears

When she says goodbye

And brings truth to his fears

He runs out in the street 

And he calls out her name

'Cause he loves her so much

And she feels the same

He stood there for some time

In the pouring down rain

Because he knew that she would

But she never came

Now his world's become dark

And his life's become grim

Suddenly nothing really seems

To matter to him

He's began to feel nothing 

Like he's barely even alive

So he goes to the drawer

And he pulls his .45

He lies bleeding in the street

And he's screaming in pain

He's not screamin' for help

No he's screamin' her name

Now he's got her attention

Yeah she's standin' right there

And finally he sees

That she doesn't care

She moves on with her life

She finds a new friend

And pretty soon she'll do

The same thing to him

Nobody's really sure

Where the hell from she came

Or how she became the master

Of this big love game

But she'll blow out your mind

And she'll tear out your heart

And when you try to explain what happened

You wont know where to start

You'll run out in the street

And you'll call out her name

No one will answer 

But who the hell will you blame

Now the thunder roll's on

Another sad country song

She says nothing's wrong

But shes gone.

Not Another Name

I call the 911 number

Tell them who I'm gonna kill

Nobody even listens

No one thinks that I'm for real

Mother never paid attention

Daddy never cared

Despite what everyone believes

I'm anything but scared

Don't try to compare me

'Cause I'm not the same

Everybody's different

I'm not just another name

I'm not sayin that I'm perfect

Or that I could never die

But you can see the difference

When you look into my eyes.

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