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A year after Tommy’s return to Bristow Farms, his daughter Madeline discovers that the picture frame made from the family farmhouse came to her for a reason. Tommy soon makes the unbelievable discovery that the frame serves as a portal to Bristow Farms in the year 1928. Exploring Bristow Farms of yesteryear Tommy makes some startling discoveries that ultimately lead him to believe the reason for the portal is to save his five-year-old Great Aunt Molly; until Old Grandma tells him to Save Them All.

As Tommy deeply examines September 22nd, 1928, he uncovers a dark blemish in Hawthorne’s history. Now, it is up to Tommy, Ernestine, and a special ally to encourage the town to make a big change that may save hundreds of lives and restore Hawthorne’s potential. The question becomes, can Tommy sacrifice his family’s future to create A Hope for Hawthorne?

Something must change to end the September 22nd loop that is now a ninety-three-year curse. One person can change the future. Tommy. Ernestine. Molly. Chester. Madeline. YOU. A Hope for Hawthorne proves that anyone is capable of change and that we all thrive better together.

A Hope for Hawthorne

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