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The book that every child should receive and read this Holiday Season.

A beautiful reminder that there is good in the world and it should be celebrated.

This Christmas give the gift of meaning and mentoring.


Long before Nicholas became a Saint, he was just another kid learning to survive in a cold world. The Spirit of the North follows Nicholas through his transformative years introducing readers to the people who played important roles in creating the world’s inspiration for goodwill and kindness. From his mother and mentors, too spirits and the love of his life, Nicholas learns the power of compassion. Nicholas’ kindness powers his spirit beyond death and to new heights as he conceptualizes a way to bring the world together in goodwill and cheer during the hardest time of the year. Now, Nicholas is relying on us to do our part in promoting togetherness and living our lives to serve others. What choice will you make this Holiday Season?

The Spirit of the North

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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